Monday, April 4, 2011

Tips on Renting in Chennai

  • Avoid brokers who look unethical and are unethical
  • Stay away from brokers who displays affiliation towards a particular political party.
  • If possible avoid brokers and directly contact land lords though sites like us.
  • Chennai is known for poor sanitation, heat and water problems. Make sure that the place you are going to rent can give you good water, electricity and security.
  • Make sure that your property is not near the famous Koovam; this is usually bad areas and with mosquitoes problems.
  • If you are looking for paying guest accommodation see whether you can stay with elderly couples whose children are abroad; this is a socially responsible thing to do to fill a vacuum for the elderly.
  • If you a traditionalist (kind of temples person) then good locations are Mylapore, T Nagar, Vada Palani are good places to spend time in temples.
  • If you are a lady looking for accommodation make sure that the area you are going to rent is well populated, near busy intersection, near a bus station. Make sure that you always have a cell phone with you.
  • Chennai - Rent Flats, flats for rental, flat for rental, room for rent- Look for ground floor flats.
  • Tolet Independent Houses, Bungalows - Look for privacy; we have seen lot of houses surrounded by tall flats with no privacy at all.
  • Commercial Property - Look for decent location
  • Office Space, Industrial property - Make sure that you take legal advise before renting.
  • rooms within a house, room mate wanted or available - check who you would be living with before you move.
  • Company / Corporate accommodation - look for well known real estate companies.
  • For paying guest accommodations look for areas where you get good water.
  • if you see "Available Office Space", office rentals, office space rental, office suites, rent office space, office rental, office to rent, office rent, offices for rent, offices for lease then get the contact and talk to the previous tenent.
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