Monday, June 27, 2011

Precautions while applying for new passports and seeking jobs outside India.

  • While applying for a new passport, fill up the application form and pay the money at the counter of the Passport office personally, instead of the self proclaimed agents loitering outside.
  • There are no authorized agents appointed by the Passport Authority.
  • Passports cannot be SOLD. Touts may try it on you, but remember traveling on a bogus Passport is Illegal.
  • Look for the registration number of the recruiting agents on all advertisements for jobs outside India.
  • Insist on seeing the original registration certificate of the agent and check its validity before handing over your passport.
  • Get your passport, valid visa, travel tickets and ensure completion of all immigration formalities before handing over full payment.
  • Payment should be made only to the authorized agents and receipt thereof must always be obtained.
  • The job seeker should know that the agent is bound to give employment to the candidate within 60 days from making the final payment.
  • Prior agreement should be made regarding the type of job and terms of agreement should be gone through carefully.
  • In the event of any foul play, the job seeker should immediately contact the local police station
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